LBM313 with Bean Firmware

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This module is pre-loaded with Bean Firmware (version 1.8.0). This is useful if you are using the LightBlue Platform to talk to your own MCU. 

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These samples are not mounted to an adapter board or breakout board, so you will need to solder the LBM313 to your target board.

The LightBlue Module is a full-featured Bluetooth 4.0 module with built in 8-bit SoC. It is based on Texas Instruments’ CC2540 system on chip. The LBM313 features a very small footprint size and is optimized for implementation in very low-power wireless applications. The module offers design flexibility, allowing for use as a single-chip solution or together with an external microcontroller for more demanding applications. Additionally, the LBM313 features a fully qualified antenna, which makes the LBM313 the perfect option for simple drop-in functionality.

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