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Zero wires, infinite uses: Bean connects your physical things to the digital world.

The Bean is the first Arduino-compatible microcontroller board that's wirelessly programmable over Bluetooth Low Energy.

Including an RGB LED and 3-axis accelerometer, the LightBlue Bean helps you build thousands of applications right out of the box.

  • Create a motion alarm to warn you if someone moves your bike.

  • Get wireless notifications for text messages, emails, and Facebook posts.

  • Build an iPhone-controlled Nerf gun turret.

Since there are no wires needed to program it, you can build the Bean right into your next project. What will you build next? Check out the Bean website for tutorials, example projects, and software.

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Looking for large quantities?
These are the price breaks for the LightBlue Bean.
Order 4+ Beans and receive 1 Free Maker Kit per order.
1 Bean $30.00 per Bean
4 Beans $28.50 per Bean
10 Beans $27.00 per Bean
100 Beans $25.50 per Bean
500 Beans $24.00 per Bean